Alfred Basbous

Alfred Basbous (1924-2006) was the middle of the three famous Basbous Brothers; Michel, Alfred, and Joseph. Upon learning sculpture from his older brother Michel, Alfred was granted a scholarship to attend the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts. After returning to his home town of Rachana in northern Lebanon he founded the International Sculpture Park and International Sculpture forum in 1994. His work can be found in collections in nearly twenty countries, including nine monumental sculptures in Lebanon alone.

Of our publications, the following discuss the work of Alfred Basbous:

Alfred Basbous -Between Realism and Abstraction by Cesar Nammour

Contrasting realism and abstraction in art in its different aspects through the manner that Alfred Basbous dealt with the nude in his sculpture, in Arabic, 128 pages, 29 x 22 cm, 2004, ISBN 9953-0-0328-9, $ 40.


Resonances – 82 Lebanese Artists Reviewed by Helen Khal

Edited by Cesar Nammour and Gabriela Schaub. Eighty four inspiring articles written by the art critic and painter Helen Khal in The Daily Star newspaper between 1968 and 2001 on Lebanese artists are reprinted in book form. The color illustrations of art works and the curriculum vitae of the artists, in addition to the articles, present a valuable reference art book, in English, 352 pages, 32 x 23 cm, 2011, ISBN 978-9953-555-04-1, $ 100

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