The Artists

In an effort to encourage growth and public knowledge of Lebanese and Middle Eastern artists and their artwork, we will begin addding brief biographies and photos of local artists’ work each Tuesday and Thursday, both old and new. We will begin with artists featured in our existing publication, and continue adding biographies and work of artists each week as long as possible.

  • **Lotti Adaimi
  • **Ginane Makki Bacho
  • **Alfred Basbous
  • **Joseph Basbous
  • **Samia Halaby
  • **Samia Osseirran Junblat
  • **Halim Jurdak
  • **Jamil Molaeb
  • **Khalil Mufarrij
  • **Krikor Norikiam
  • **Gisele Rahayem
  • **Aref Rayyes
  • **Mazen Rifai
  • **Gebran Tarazi


  • **Indicates artists who’ve been featured individually in one of our monographs
  • *Indicates artists who’ve been featured in one of our anthologies.

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